ZingZillas Figures and Dolls

Get your hands on the new figures and dolls now

The Zingzillas figures and dolls ranges are made up of a selection of toys varying in size, material and interactivity. Aimed at children of 3 years of age and over are the fully articulated range of posable figures and the play N groove musical and interactive range, while the slightly younger child has been specifically catered for with a range of soft toy dolls of each of the four main characters.

The Zingzillas Characters

The show is made up of four extremely talented and friendly primates who just love to make music.

Zak is a purple gorilla, upbeat and confident he is never one to shy away.
Panzee is a caring chimp who loves to dress up and push the band forward.
Drum is unsurprisingly the drummer in band, young and energetic she loves experimenting with different beats and sounds.
Tang is clever and full of amazing ideas, an orang-utan that is always ready to turn to his friends for help.

The figures

The Zingzillas figures are fully articulated from their arms all the way down to their tales. There are currently four Zingzillas toys to collect in the figure range with more of their musical friends on the way. Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum all come accompanied with their favourite instruments and accessories.

play N Groove

The play and Groove set are larger, more detailed and interactive figures. These electronic dolls play and dance along to their favourite songs featured in the TV series and adjust their dancing to match the rhythm of each tune. Currently available in the range are the Zingzillas play and groove Zak and Panzee figures with the rest of the gang set for release very soon, check out stocks now.

Soft toys

For the very young fans and viewers there are a specific set of Zak, Tang, Panzee and Drum soft toys. Soft, cute, comforting and cuddly this safe range ensures that even the youngest of fans can take home their very own Zingzillas.

Do to the rapidly increasing popularity of the show, demands on figures over the coming months are expected to soar, get your hands on them now and don’t miss out.