ZingZillas Big Zing Guitar

Strum along to the sounds of Zak, Drum, Tang and Panzee with the Big Zing Guitar

Now fans can join in the fun with the Zingzillas band and play along to the music from their home with the Big Zing Guitar. Join in with the Zingzillas as they create their music with the help of a special musical guest in time for the Big Zing at the end of show. Each episode ends with a magically musical performance called the Big Zing where the band bring all their musical influences from the episode together in one performance. The multicoloured Zingzillas Big Zing guitar is based on the guitar that Zingzilla Tang the orang-utan uses in the show.

The Guitar is three guitars in one playing sounds from an acoustic, bass and even an electric guitar, each Big Zing guitar comes complete with two fantastic songs from the Zingzillas show, plus the theme music and ten fun and exciting catchphrases from Zak, Drum, Tang and Panzee.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries and is suitable for children of 3 years and up

The guitar is a fantastic way for kids to have fun while at the same time encouraging them to be creative and imaginative. Get your hands on a Big Zing guitar now while they are still in stock. Why not check out the Zingzillas banana phone for more musical fun and sounds.