ZingZillas Toys

The Zingzillas toys are now available to buy in the UK

The new Zingzillas toy range has finally launched and is available online now or in your local toyshops while stocks last, order early online to avoid disappointment. The new toy range brings together the fantastic characters and props from the show for all young fans and followers to own and play with. The range includes Zingzillas figures of the four main characters, Zak, Panzee, Drum and Tang each with fully articulated body parts and their favourite toys and instruments. The range also includes a larger more interactive set of dolls, the play N Groove range that play and groove along in time to the tunes of their favourite songs from the show, check out the Zingzillas play and groove Zak doll.

Who are the Zingzillas

The Zingzillas is a musical based TV programme broadcasting on CBeebies, the BBC’s child and pre-schooler dedicated channel. The show is aimed primarily at years 7 and below and stars four main characters all based on different primates. It is set on a paradise desert island where music from all different cultures is created, played and enjoyed by the Zingzillas and their friends. Each episode the band of primates are joined by a special musical guest who teaches them a new style and inspires them to create their own music for the The Big Zing.

First appearing on TV in April 2010 the Zingzillas are fast becoming the new craze for pre-schoolers, young students and their parents alike with the new range of Zingzillas toys set to fly off the shelves as quickly as they are stocked up.

Meet the zingzillas

The Zingzillas are a musical band made up of four friendly and very talented primates. A purple Gorilla called Zak, the sensitive Chimp Panzee, the Orangutan Tang and a monkey called Drum. Zak, Panzee, Tang and Drum are also joined on a regular basis by theirvisland friends Todd the Baboon, Auntie Dot and DJ Loose.

The range of Zingzillas toys

The range of Zingzillas toys and accessories is set to expand fast, but currently the most popular of the toys include the range of posable figures and dolls, the Big Zing guitar , the large character backpacks, the banana phone and most popular of all the play N groove range including Zak and Play and Groove Panzee.

The range of toys available are suitable for all ages, with the standard figures and dolls as young as 3 years of age and smaller soft toys for the very young.

With the rapidly increasing popularity of the show, Zingzillas toys are set to be in very high demand over the coming months and the run up to Christmas, order your toys early to avoid disappointment.